Seasonal Gardening Guide


  • Apply winter mulch to beds after the ground is frozen
  • Stay of frozen grass
  • Remove any debris as it can kill the grass
  • If snow covered protect your trees and shrub by shaking them off


  • Inventory gardening equipment
  • Great time to cut overgrown trees and shrubs
  • Plan any spring projects you want to tackle
  • Document your early spring annuals


  • Enjoy a local St. Patricks day parade
  • After the soil thaws and dries out, begin transplanting dormant shrubs and perennials.
  • Call Organic Lawn Solutions for a Site Analysis and Soil Test
  • Apply an early season oil spray to dormant ornamentals to organically control over-wintering insect eggs.


  • As Forsthyia flowers begin to fade, apply a safe pre-emergent Crabgrass preventer.
  • Rake out, spot seed lawn areas.
  • Service Outdoor Power eqiupment. Blowers, Mowers, Trimmers, etc.
  • Drain fuel from Snow blowers
  • Plant Rose bushes, early flowering perennials, pansies and nursery stock


  • Get the grill ready for summer barbeques.
  • Spot seed lawn areas.
  • Late May apply an Organic Lawn fertilizer.
  • Spot kill lawn weeds with an organic weed killer such as Burnout.
  • Plant Annuals, Perennials, Ornamentals and shrubs


  • Continue to plant Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals. Set up window boxes, containers, pots for Summer Patio color.
  • Consider a Compost Tea Spray to power boost your soil’s health.
  • Keep an eye out for insect and fungal problems on lawns, annuals, and ornamentals.
  • Spray sulphur on Roses to keep black spot at bay.
  • Finish trimming back Spring flowering shrubs.


  • Keep Lawns cut at least 3 ½  inches.
  • Irrigate lawns and ornamentals during drought. Slow deep watering is preferable.
  • Keep a watch out for insect and disease problems on lawns and ornamentals.
  • Let us offer you our Organic alternative controls.
  • After new growth hardens on Evergreens, start trimming.
  • Enjoy the Fourth!


  • Keep Lawns cut high. Especially in Summer heat.
  • Consider a Compost tea spray to improve soil health and help plants deal with Summer stress.
  • Late August is the beginning of the optimum Lawn renovation window for the year.
  • Irrigate during periods of drought.


  • Enjoy Labor Day!
  • This is the optimum time of year to renovate lawns.
  • Fertilize lawns with a good Organic fertilizer.
  • Mums and Fall Bulbs are arriving.
  • Fall is an excellent time to plant Perennials, shrubs and trees.


  • Beat the rush. Get the Snow blower tuned up.
  • Plant Mums, Ornamental kale & cabbage for fall color.
  • Spring flowering Bulbs are in. Buy early to get the best selection. Hold off until mid-November to plant them.
  • Last call to seed Lawn areas.
  • Keep falling leaves off of lawn areas.
  • Take notes on what worked and didn’t in the garden this season.
  • Happy Halloween!


  • Consider spraying an anti-dessicant spray to broadleaf Ornamentals before the freezing weather arrives.
  • Begin planting spring flowering bulbs.
  • Continue to plant trees and shrubs.
  • Cut back perennials after the first hard frost.
  • Keep up with the fall leaf cleanup.
  • Apply lime or calcium to lawn areas based on soil test recommendations.
  • Winterize Summer power equipment.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Cut Evergreen boughs for holiday decorating.
  • Finish cleaning up fall leaves.
  • Cut back Perennials.
  • Final cut on lawn can be short for the winter.
  • Finish planting Bulbs.
  • Put the tools away for the season.
  • Get the Snow shovels ready.
  • Enjoy the holidays.