Lawn Repair & Renovation

Did you ever go to your local garden center and pick up a bag of seed and just throw it on the ground and after a week the bag promised you would have the greenest lawn on the block? We used to until we got proper education on growing grass. Growing quality grass takes much longer than a week and is a science that requires much more care in the beginning stages of its life. Like humans it needs good oxygen, water and plenty of food to survive. While chemical fertilizers are often great at keeping pests and other harmful insects off your grass, they are not so good at actually providing the soil with the proper nutrients it needs to produce long term health and vigor for your lawn.

At OLS we developed an all-inclusive program that takes care of both improving soil conditions and naturally fighting off disease and pests. The question is often asked. Do I need to seed my lawn every year? The answer is yes. Each year we attend Rutgers University field day to learn more about new developments in seeds. The three main verities that are grown in our area are Kentucky Blue grass, Tall Fescue and Rye grass. Within each type there are hundreds of varieties available on the market and we believe in a diverse lawn. Annual over seeding with the best and latest blend keeps you yard looking great throughout the seasons.

Our Natural Lawn Repair Services Include

–                 Lawn aeration combined with over seeding

–                 Blanket seeding or spot seeding

–                 Slice seeding

–                 Top Soil and seeding

–                 Compost and seeding

For best results we recommend ordering our lawn aeration service with over seeding. This service should be done late August through October 15th. One of the best services that should be done every 2 years is top dressing with a quality compost. Applying compost naturally keeps the lawn aerated and makes for an all-natural lush green lawn.

Why come home to grass that looks dry and dead when you can have a healthy and safe green lawn. Give Organic Lawn Solutions a call at (908) 300-4848 for the best lawn repair service in Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Springfield, Mountainside, Union, Cranford, Clark, Short hills, Millburn, Chatham, Watching, Warren and Summit.